Specialist Mortgage Lending 

Unique circumstances require specialist lending knowledge

As the name suggests, Specialist Lending requires particular knowledge, insights and experience. It’s evolving rapidly with new lenders and mortgages entering the market all the time. Outside the framework of the common, well established lending criteria it’s easier for borrowers to make mistakes.

You’ve found your dream property abroad and now need the financing to complete the purchase. Whether a holiday home or investment property, securing an overseas mortgage in a foreign country can be complicated, particularly if you don’t speak the language or are not familiar with administrative or bureaucratic processes in the country you are buying property in.


With certain collectibles having outperformed stocks over the past decade you may be interested in borrowing against a collection of fine art and antiques, sports cars or fine wines. A number of lenders offer this kind of finance, but this form of lending requires a specialist valuation so our advice will be invaluable in finding the right lender.

Lombard lending is where you borrow against assets that can be liquidated easily, normally an investment or share portfolio. With a Lombard Loan, you retain your portfolio investment while increasing your financial flexibility. The maximum amount of credit given depends on the lending value of your portfolio, you will need to find a specialist lender to assess the value which is where Knight Frank Finance can help. This form of lending can offer good rates of interest and it’s quite flexible.

Agricultural finance can be used to purchase farm land or help with consolidation, diversification, renewable energy projects or growth plans. Whether you're a sole trader, a partnership, a company, a trust or a pension fund, you can speak to one of our advisors who will put you in touch with the right specialist for your circumstances.