Business Insurance Cover 

Comprehensive Business Insurance 

Protecting your business is essential not only for your staff but for the financial wellbeing of you and your family. But it’s also complex.  Your personal circumstances and those of your business are constantly evolving.  Meanwhile, new policies are always coming onto the market, improving cover and sometimes cutting costs.  Ensuring that you’ve covered every aspect of your business – including those that are less obvious but still essential – while doing so cost effectively requires the kind of expert guidance that Knight Frank Finance can provide.

Below are some of the principal types of Business Protection that you might want to consider:

Key man insurance

The sudden death or illness of a key individual can be difficult for a business to recover from. Key Man Insurance provides a lump sum payment to ensure a business can survive through the loss of a key man, whether that be from death or serious illness.  

Relevant life cover

Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient way for a business to offer death in service benefits to employees and/or directors.

Business loan protection

If your business borrows money, you’ll want insurance to repay all or some of that loan if something were to happen to any person that the business depends on. Business loan protection provides a lump sum payment in the event of death or critical illness of that person.

Group health insurance

Group health insurance is an employer paid for benefit that provides private healthcare for employees.

Shareholder protection

If a shareholder of a business dies, the shareholders estate could force a change to the ownership or running of the business. Shareholder protection provides a lump sum payment in order to buy back the shares, which the deceased’s family effectively inherit. 

Group income protection

Group income protection is an employer paid for benefit which provides a replacement of monthly income for employees, beyond contractual sick pay benefits and on top of statutory sick pay.

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